“WHAT TO DO WITH MY LIFE NOW?!?” This is what we blurted looking at the hundreds of crochet pieces we packed for delivery, which we worked on for over a month.

There’s that nagging feeling of emptiness inside while we’re carrying the packed crochet items to finally let it go to the person who commissioned us to do it. Ironic that we’d been loathing it to be over soon when we’re still working on it.

LOST is always what I feel every time I’m done with a “huge” crochet project. Huge for me is when I would spend more than 48 hours solely on 1 crochet project. It’s like my life revolved around one thing or trapped in it in that 48+ hours that made me detached from the world, that when I’m done I’d feel like, “Hey, where am I? What to do with my life now?”

So I’m currently in the LOST state right now, after I got off from a more than a month-long crochet project. And, it does not help that the last crochet project I was in required me to start hooking early in the morning until midnight or beyond midnight to hit the deadline. In one way or another sort of, it became my life for the past month. It stripped me off from the thought that “crochet for me is about love and passion and fun.” It turned me into a machine. The task became so mundane, that for me to survive it, I have to let myself go numb.

I know this is exaggeration but it totally sucked the life out of me. I don’t mean it the negative way though.

So now that it’s over… “Where am I again?!?”

Let me just end with this cheesy quote, “Get lost to find your self.” Though I prepare the “You don’t find your self. You create your self.”

That was one great journey though. =)