#ShawlVirgin No More: Lost in Time

Crochet Shawl Pattern: Lost in Time by Johanna Lindahl of Mijo Crochet
Links to Pattern: Ravelry, Mijo Crochet Website
Yarn: Ashley’s Crochet “Northern Lights” / 196 grams
Hook: 3.5mm Clover
Not blocked.

Before, I really find making a shawl “too granny,” and kind of inappropriate for our warm weather. But when I got this Ashley’s Crochet “vintage-vibed” yarn, I felt that it had to be made into a shawl. And, that maybe one day, Cebu, Philippines will be blessed with an 18-degree Celsius weather. Though, on the other thought, I’m happy with all the sunshine we have! =)

So this is my version of Lost in Time crochet shawl. Thankfully, I was able to finish it, and did not get lost in time.

I had to frog it a few times, then had to re-do it from scratch just so this “ridge” detail will really come out. When I started this, I was doing 2 different shawls at the same time; I was being glutton that I missed little details, which plays a major role in the shawl’s design. So what happened was that I was reading the FPDC and BPDC as “front DC” and “back DC” instead of “front post DC” and “back post DC.”

I was already 3/4 of the yarn cake when I decided that I had to rip the whole thing off, and start again. 😭 

That “ridge” detail is what I’m referring to…

Lesson learned: Do not be major glutton.

STITCH COUNTS on Additional Rows

One of the reasons why I posted a blog of the Lost in Time shawl because I came across a post from a crocheter, in one of the FB crochet groups, asking for the “Total number of stitches for each row” on every additional rows after Row 26 so I’m writing this down to serve as a note.

So the downloadable pattern is only up to Row 26. Once you’re done with Row 26, you can continue by repeating row 15-26 as long as you like. So when I had to re-do the shawl from scratch, I paid attention to the stitch counts. It was really an effort because I’m not that OC when it comes to stitch counts and a few kinks here and there as long as it does not affect the final overall look of the item.

I only manage to make 3 repeats of Row 15-18, then only twice repeat on Row 19-26 as I ran out of yarn. If I could, I want to repeat it 5 times so I might pick a longer yarn next time, maybe 300g or 400g to be sure. =)

So here it is…


For repeat of Row 15-22, there was a pattern of increase by 20 stitches for every next “round” of repeat.
For repeat of Row 23, there was an increase of 10 stitches.
For repeat of Row 24, there’s an increate of 5 clusters of 8DCs.
For repeat of Row 25, there’s an increase of 40 stitches
For repeat of Row 26, there’s an increase of 5 for the popcorn stitches and 40 for the DC stitches.

Here’s my draft note of the stitch numbers. The numbers refer to the final stitch counts when you repeat Row 15-26 (Just read it as Row 15 from top and so on). The numbers after “;” refers to the next round of repeat. =)

The edging of my Lost in Time was modified because I ran out of yarns already.
And to the most important part, #bloggerpose. I asked the daughter to model it for me because I really wanted to do it in some fancy place but I can no longer wait. =)