Project Odette: Knitted Top

There are so many things in my head that I want to write down to get them off, but I’m mentally too tired to do it. Odette was/is exhausting. It’s just the start of the year but I think I’m so done. I know, we have it better, and I’m grateful for that; but let me just do some mental dump.

It’s been over a month after Odette, and we’re still trying to find the rhythm of going around in our daily lives. We’re caught in between establishing a new routine, or waiting for things to go back to normal in our old routine. If only I/we had an option, I do not want to do any thing but just wait it out. But the world / responsibilities do not stop and wait for us. So we’re… I don’t know how to explain it.

So anyway, I knitted a top, and finished it last Friday. It’s over a week, and I have not done an OOTD of it yet. Yeah, it’s so petty that’s why I want to tackle it. 

I started knitting this top after I crocheted the skull shawl (I need to blogpost thar skull shawl also, for memory’s sake.). Electricity and internet were not back yet when I started this. I wanted an easy stitch pattern that I do not need to constantly look at it because we do not have electricity so I need to save my phone batt. I could not print out a pattern because duh no electricity. I had to get out of the subdivision to get a decent internet connection just so I could find a pattern. Woe was me, guise!

So the stitch pattern is “Staggered Eyelets.” I actually wanted to make that lacy heart stitch but pattern was too long to remember.

I used roughly 2 balls of this cotton yarn. I do not know the length/weight. I’m guessing that each ball is around 100g. This is probably 5-year old yarn. I used a 3.75mm circular knitting needles.

As much as possible, I avoid sewing pieces together so I would really prefer knitting in rounds top to bottom. But seamless top patterns need more time to prepare, measure things well before I can start. My mind was/is too tired to go thru that so I just go for making 2 panels, front and back and sew them at the sides, then done.

I ran out of light pink yarn so I just got the closest color to pink. I’m wearing whichever side. So let’s call it “Reversible Top.”

For the sizing, I got a shirt that I like, and just based the size there. The finished top has a 18inches in length, and 22-23inches in width of each 1 panel only.

I started this like January 5, then I got it done January 21. Anyway, I’ve been wanting to share it but no one is just interested to indulge in getting me an OOTD pose. I mean with Odette and the looming COVID cases surge, who cares about OOTD.

Anyway, I cannot wait so I just have to do with whatever I can.

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I honestly prefer the weight, texture and “bagsak” of knitted wearables compared to crochet. But crochet is just really much easier to maneuver. But, then yeah, life, like knitting, is not easy to maneuver.