Hooker’s Life in Panglao Island, Bohol

I was planning to post my first “crochet pattern” this week but as I worked on it, it’s not EASY. The pattern I’m even creating is a very simple basic kind of crochet pattern but I’m way too far from getting half of it. So shoutout to all pattern designers, much respect!

Instead of getting frustrated at my first attempt of writing down a pattern, I’m just gonna CHILL with a throwback.

Last month, I got to be in Panglao Island, Bohol. I tagged along with husband and friends who attended RubyConf. Since I was not part of the conference, I had 2 days in Panglao Island alone, on my own.

And, I was not more excited to be alone… with my yarns and crochet hooks. =)

Day 1

It was spent “eating my own dog food.”

One of the most requested item, few friends ask me to crochet, is swimwear / bikini. I’m hesitant to create it because I could not see how functional it would really be especially when you’re going to really swim in it. So I want to test it first before creating them.

I had tested raylon, mercerized cotton thread previously; and then Bohol came which was a perfect opportunity to test the worsted cotton thread, or it’s really more of combed cotton (not really ideal for wearables?) which I experimented hand-dying it. (I’ll post about the feel of these different threads / yarns on a bikini top.)

Crochet pattern inspired by When Doves Crochet Top by woolandthegang.com

So Day 1 was spent at Alona beach, which was a first time — it was my first time to swim in it.

It was swim, and sunbathing beside the caucasian. Emphasis on caucasians because I noticed that Asians are mostly wrapped in beach cover-ups under the shade, far from the sun. So I think obsession on having a “fair skin” is an Asian thing, not just a Pinoy thing.

There was also hooking in between.


With this 8-ply hand-dyed cotton thread, it’s perfect for sunbathing. It’s owkei for a bit of dipping here and there, but definitely not for swimming competition or aqua/triathlon.

It’s really tad heavy. Since it was tied around my neck, it chafed that area a little because of the weight so maybe use another material for the “tie.”

Day 2

OOTD. Stabilo highlighter inspired crochet pinafore, pattern inspired by Little White Dress by Sarah Cooper.

Neon-colored yarns from Miss Crochet A Lot
No more swimwear testing on this day because I was too proud to wear sunscreen on Day 1 that I got very bad sunburn. It was was so bad that even a slight touch on my back (which was the most exposed part since I was lying on my tummy when sunbathing) was so painful.

So all I could do was hop from one souvenir store to another in Alona Beach; and I noticed that no one was selling any crocheted swimwear.

It made me think, I could probably make a living here by just sitting at the beach, crochet swimwear, cover-ups, hats, and whatnots. That would be so romantic! =)

And, if all things fail, let me just soak in the view and people-watch…

…if only those are enough to make ones’ stomach not grumble. =)

But still CHEERS! There’s so much to be thankful!

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