Cebu Design Week: CCG Crochet Session

Before pandemic, Cebu Crochet Group had a once-a-month group session. So if you’re interested to join once it is super safe, just search and join Cebu Crochet Group facebook group.

So we have not done any group sessions since lockdown started in 2020 so having to host a crochet workshop last Cebu Design Week was exciting. Of course, there were feeling of reservations but it was exciting to be seeing crocheters again.

But of all the interesting things happening in Cebu Design Week, I thought that there would be no or very few participants in our crochet session (It was actually a crochet “workshop,’ but we thought of just calling it as “session” to make it just free flowing, less intimidating.). But surprisingly, there were more than enough participants that we could handle.

Photo from Sarah Palmares

Bigger surprise was that we had a very young crowd. Looking at the young faces, I thought that this would be a breeze; they’d get bored easily, and would drop out fast. But damn, they’re up for the challenge; the “old goats” had a hard time keeping up.

They were amazing. It was hard to end it, but it started to get dark and we just had call it quits, and packed up. Ow, I wished we had more time.

Here are my few photos because it got busy.

This is Gia(sp?), my ka-session. She knows the basic of crochet, and she also paints. So I told her that I look forward to her art gallery in the future.

More photos from Sarah Palmares, Judith Saturos, Aubrey Uy:

Thank you again to those who join us, and to CDW for giving us the venue. =)