Cebu Design Week 2021: Cebu Crochet Group Installation Day

Unknowingly, Cebu Crochet Group have been joining Cebu Design Week for years. In 2018, we did a crochet installation at the DOST compound across Cross Roads, Banilad (story here >>.); I guess that was the first CDW. In the following year, together with a few friends, we joined the Maker’s Market they organized. Then pandemic happened in 2020.

This year, with pandemic and all, it was a surprise for Cebu Crochet Group to receive an invitation for a yarnbomb installation for Cebu Design Week 2021. When we got it, I honestly was not up for it as it was around during / just after the surge of COVID cases in Cebu around late July-early September; it hit a few of my immediate family so I was kinda mentally/emotionally exhausted at that time. But Sarah and others were up for it.

And, I’m glad that the friends made it happen. It’s like one for the books to have done it during pandemic.

I first thought that having each of us to work on our own, because of pandemic, would be a challenge, because yarnbombing is best enjoyed when done in group. But then I realized that generally crocheters are introvert, we function best when we’re alone in our own world with just our hook and yarn.

So honestly, it was probably the fastest installation we had done so far. Though, stitching the doilies together alone by my self got a bit lonely but I just got to work faster to get over it the soonest. =)

Here are some photos from the installation day. This was the very first time we see each other since pandemic happened.

Photos by I and mostly from Sarah Palmares.

I think there are 20-30 crocheters who contributed to the Cebu Design Week 2021 installation.