Cebu Art Book Fair 2022: What’s inside my tote bag?

First Cebu Art Book Fair 2022 was held at Crossroads, Banilad. The main exhibit is inside From Here coworking space, and there’s a poster exhibit inside Qube gallery also. There were few stalls/display along the corridor of Crossroads, and where I just got stuck.

There was quite a long line to get inside the exhibit area so I decided to just loiter at the Pawn Press stall. I got few books, and collection of art postcards, Postcrude. Then I went home because I feel so odd being the “oldest” among the very young crowd, which was such a wonderful sight to see, cultured young people. In this time of “enlightenment” suppression, it’s hope to see people appreciate art and books. 🙂

I got a free tote bag from Pawn Press; they have shopee account if you want to get books and art items from them.

One of the books I got is written By Lilia Tio. She was my 1st year University teacher in English, or I think it’s called Communications 1.

So I have this memory of Miss Lilia Tio. In one of our exams, about singular and plural, there was this “Pair of scissors (is, are)….” I answered “is,” and I was confused why my answer was marked wrong because I believe that “pair” is taken as singular but she said that it’s not indicated as “one pair or a pair of scissors” so it could not be taken as singular. I felt like getting my English high school teacher to defend me, who happened to be also a teacher in the University but… Anyhow, I gave up. But after that, even after University, every time I’d see her, the “pair of scissors” is the first thing that pops up in my mind. No hurt feelings in there, just pair of scissors.

Looking back, I feel so lucky that there was no fear of challenging my teacher. And, that my teacher did not hold any grudge that I still believe that pair of scissors is singular.

I’m always grateful to all my teachers!

Thank you to the organizers and exhibitors of Cebu Art Book Fair.