My 1st Cebu Crochet Group Winter Wonderland Christmas Party in Summary

There’s so much to say but in summary: that big smile on my face! =)


To the people who shared items for prizes… =) I just won’t mention you, guys, because I might miss some names.

I just wanna special mention the HOT HOST, Sharol. If you need an emcee / host from Cebu, highly recommended!

Sharol, Fresa, Eda

to the lechon of Mayor Junnie Martinex c/o Sui Lucero.

… Fresa’s empanada =)

And, most of all to everyone who joined in the party! For those who were not able to make it, there are more to come.)

Thank you to 10 Dove St. staff for the assistance.

To the mayora for overall watching… =) Makibaka!

Also, our very first Miss CCG Winter Wonderland edition, Kit Enriquez!

Photo credits: Sarah Palmares, Hija Mangapis

Social Impact or Self-Indulgence?!?

Crochet is like sex to me.

I really have a problem when it comes to selling crochet items. On a few times that other friends / people would ask me why am I not selling crochet items, I always have a hard time explaining to them why. I would go around making excuses.

On our way to the last day of crochet workshop in Sevilla, Bohol, this topic was discussed again. This time, I confessed that it’s really hard when it comes to making money from crochet because it’s like sex to me. If I accept money from crochet, it feels like I’m prostituting myself. Though, there’s nothing really wrong with prostitution as long as you’re for it. But you get what I mean… I/we just cannot have sex with any one.

Now on to helping facilitate a crochet workshop for a women community, I always say that I hope crochet can unlock more than learning how to crochet in them (My previous post, Crochet WOKEshop >>).” I hope crochet can spark whatever undiscovered “madness” / passion inside her that would give them immense self-pleasure that they would do any thing just to achieve it.

But thing is, for most community workshops, the main goal is mostly about uplifting financial status, social impact, and whatever to-help-others tag line. Any thing NOT about contributing to the greater good of the community / financial impact does not deserve to be spent money on, be given budget by the government or any organization (Even I would probably question it.). Why is “giving ones’ self pleasure” not actually a worthy cause?

And, don’t get me started with “Who am I / we to have the say that they need uplifting or they need some social impact form of activity?” I mean they’ve been doing “social impact” their whole life probably.

So it makes me so happy when I’d hear from the participants that crochet can make them forget house chores, their husband… I’d like to believe that for once, these hardworking women — who spend most of their waking hours thinking and serving others — just forget about the world and immerse their selves in doing something selfish, on something which might only be beneficial and pleasurable to her alone.

I can probably easily talk about self-pleasure as we might not have the same reality. But who does not want pleasure for the sake of pleasure? I guess we all deserve it, wherever we are in the spectrum of “all walks of life” (Anyhow, screw the spectrum!).

If ever you get to the end of this post, if you receive a crochet item from me, please do not think dirty of it. I actually think of any one having this great passion on something as “sex.” Like you can be obsessed with baking, and I would see your baking as your kind of sex.

So there! =) Let me go back to #bloggerpose.

Photo by Hija Mangapis


“WHAT TO DO WITH MY LIFE NOW?!?” This is what we blurted looking at the hundreds of crochet pieces we packed for delivery, which we worked on for over a month.

There’s that nagging feeling of emptiness inside while we’re carrying the packed crochet items to finally let it go to the person who commissioned us to do it. Ironic that we’d been loathing it to be over soon when we’re still working on it.

LOST is always what I feel every time I’m done with a “huge” crochet project. Huge for me is when I would spend more than 48 hours solely on 1 crochet project. It’s like my life revolved around one thing or trapped in it in that 48+ hours that made me detached from the world, that when I’m done I’d feel like, “Hey, where am I? What to do with my life now?”

So I’m currently in the LOST state right now, after I got off from a more than a month-long crochet project. And, it does not help that the last crochet project I was in required me to start hooking early in the morning until midnight or beyond midnight to hit the deadline. In one way or another sort of, it became my life for the past month. It stripped me off from the thought that “crochet for me is about love and passion and fun.” It turned me into a machine. The task became so mundane, that for me to survive it, I have to let myself go numb.

I know this is exaggeration but it totally sucked the life out of me. I don’t mean it the negative way though.

So now that it’s over… “Where am I again?!?”

Let me just end with this cheesy quote, “Get lost to find your self.” Though I prepare the “You don’t find your self. You create your self.”

That was one great journey though. =)

Half-Year Report: Ticking Off Items in Bucket List

At the beginning of this year, I made a mental list of some crochet-related things I want to do. And, 2018 has been good that I was able to tick off 90% of them.


I joined the bazaar during my kids’ school family day bazaar. I was only able to sell 4 items. It was probably not that good, but I was happy to be able to endure it. You can read my bazaar experience here, “BAZAAR: #OOTD >>.”

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I also made a collection with crochet friends, the UNDYED TABLESCAPE Collection >>. And, I haven’t sold any thing from the collection yet! @.@ But, I’m proud of what we made.

The photo shoot we did the collection was the best part. =)


I’m not really a good teacher / tutor but I put it in my 2018 bucket list. I just feel like sharing crochet to others, and that hopefully it will chance upon on a few persons who would turn to really love it.

And, the universe connived when Sarah Palmares aka @tomatofire_crochets messaged about an upcoming workshops she’d be doing with Casa Gorordo. Then, Bernadette Dy / @5chubbyfingers also messaged to volunteer for the workshop. And, yay! We probably had done 4-5 crochet workshops. (You can read about my crochet workshops in Cebu experience here >>.)

Photo from Sarah Palmares


This was just a wild far-off wish, but it happened. And, we did it more than once. It’s surreal!

For my yarn bombing experiences here in Cebu, you can check my previous blogposts:
“Ganchillo Artistico for Art in The Fork, The Outlets at Pueblo Verde, Lapu-lapu City: 1st Yarnbomb / Crochet Installation in Cebu?!? >>”
“Bringing Your Grandmother’s Art to Cebu Design Week >>”

Yarn Bombing / Crochet Installation at The Fork, The Outlets, Pueblo Verde, Lapu-lapu, Cebu

Crochet Installation / Yarn Bombing, European Chamber of Commerce Philippines, Cebu City

Yarn Bombing for the Spartan Race at Foressa Mountain Town


One time, Sarah, Dess, and I were talking about where is our dream place for crochet installation. Dess mentioned about Ayala mall, Sarah talked about doing the Pari-an monument (if I remember it right), and I mentioned something about displaying it in a museum.

And, then Voila! Well, it’s not really a museum but it’s an art gallery, QUBE Gallery in CrossRoads, Banilad, Cebu; hey, it makes me want to do a cartwheel! Please do check it out; and, also we’ll be doing more crochet installation there. =)

There were a lot of people who were involved in this project so I’ll be creating a separate blog post for this. =)

with Judy Cimafranca

CROCHET FOR A CAUSE or something like that. This is one in my bucket list that is yet to be realized. Honestly, I’m not such into this thing. I mean that I don’t really want to “label” it as such. Like if I wanted to do it, I just want to do it without labels or did I make sense? So there, universe, please help me understand this. =)

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE who helped me tick off items in my bucket list! =) Seize 2018!

Foressa Trails: Hooking in Between

Crochet Pattern on this WIP: Starburst Table Runner from Red Heart >>.

We went to the mountains, Foressa Trails, last weekend because we figured out that the beach must be so crowded because of the Holy Week vacation. They have a campsite with the basic toilet and bathroom amenities so it was perfect for kids. But I won’t bore you with that. 🙂

I wrote this because it kinda still gnaws me that I should have left this WIP (work-in-progress) crochet project on one of the campsite’s bench because I find the color combo so pretty and cozy.

There was really not a lot of hooking, just a lot of photos of hooking.


But there was a lot of coffee, and brownies from @keihlasmom.

I’m really wishing to go back there before the summer ends, and yarnbomb one of the benches because camping and trails are love!

Expectation vs Reality

Crocheting in coffee shops be like:

With the instagrammy feels of cafes, I cannot help but take photos of my #wip.

Crocheting at home be like: 😂😂😂

I don’t have a crafting space in our house. My favorite place to crochet is on the stairs. And, in this always-summer weather, crocheting outside the house, under the “hinayhay” is also refreshing minus the beach vibes.

SOLD OUT: My 1st in Shopee

Probably for lack of any thing to comment on my crochet, friends would say that I should sell my crochet items. I did sell some items way before. I’m not so proud to say that I was making money from little kids’ recess money @.@; I was selling pokemon amigurumi items to my kids’ classmates. My kids with their friends got a list of orders from their classmates, and I made them. Later on, I learned that the term for that is MTO (made-to-order). It was cheap but it was not short of happiness.

Anyhow, I stopped doing it because I got a job (but I’m currently unemployed again). Then, honestly, I got to the point that 1 more pikachu MTO, and I would puke. So when I’m out of job again, and have more time on my hands, thinking of selling again crossed my mind. BUT I kind of resolve to myself that crochet will be something that will satisfy my selfish nonsense desires; no pressure or any thing. #chos

Now to the main reason for this blog is that I just really want to share the basic of selling in SHOPEE app, and also to celebrate my 1st SOLD OUT (of course, I only have 1 stock.).

I’m familiar with online selling; I had been doing it for other stuff way back, and it was not easy in local market (Philippines) because credit card penetration is not yet that high and Filipinos just simply don’t trust online money transaction that much. Meet-ups and coordinating payments from different facility are quite a lot of effort and eat a lot of time that when your margin is low, it’s just as good as break-even.

So came SHOPEE… I was buying from sellers, and it’s a good experience especially with the COD and free shipping. So now on the seller part, I posted the item, a table runner, way back in February, which I kind of forgot about it. I actually made the table runner for myself, and thought of just posting it on Shopee for experiment.

After 48 years, someone messaged me and bought it. Really?!? People who want table runner exist?!? So this is how a COD order (cash-on-delivery) and integrated (free) shipping works in Shopee.

1. A notification status would state that an order was placed for your item.
2. Scheduling pick-up for shipping from the Shopee app. After an order is posted, you have to wait for an hour or 2 or few minutes before a prompt / notification will appear that you can schedule a pick-up (This part got me really confused because I could not find the prompt to schedule shipping right away; I actually have to wait for an hour or 2.). This is to give a leeway time in case the buyer decided to cancel the order. The shipping of Shopee is serviced by BAE (Black Arrow Express).
3. You choose a date / time within the Shopee app for the pick-up. I so love this! =) It’s free but I would not mind paying a bit extra for this service.
4.The waiting for Mr. RIDER (the nick for the delivery staff of BAE who will pick-up / deliver your goods) can be a bit of “anxiety-inducing” especially for first timers like me. But they would arrive (in my case, it was already around 3pm. Maybe it’s because I’m in Consolacion, and that Mr. Rider also had to do deliveries and pick-up along the way). But I could imagine when it’s going to be peak season, it’s going to be crazy. That’s why I would not mind paying a reasonable fee for this to keep the efficient service, and of course the riders happy. =) (Shipping ETA of a shipment from Cebu to Luzon was 4-5 days on my order.)
5. If it’s a COD, of course, we need to pray that delivery and receiving of the order will go smoothly. The reason why we need to make Mr. Rider be well-paid. =)

6. Getting the payment from Shopee. I still have to figure this out. =) I think I just need to add my bank account.

So there, THANK YOU to this person who likes table runner in orange shades! =) And, please watch out for new stock of Flower Bouquet Table Runner (hopefully, it will not take me 48 years to finish.)! Keep posted thru my SHOP page, or add me in Shopee,

On to the mission of glamming up your #foodie IG post, one table runner at a time!