Hinimo at Cebu Design Week’s Makers Market

(hinimocebu.com online store is up. It’s wonky, please bear with us.)

The Cebu Design Week had a lot of activities, and it spanned for months (To know more about it, please head to their website, cebudesignweek.com.). But I was not able to check on the other events because I got too focused and busy with Makers Market, which was just one of the Cebu Design Week’s many events.

It was my first legit bazaar experience, because I did one at my kids’ school. It was in a way such a privilege to be in the same space where Kenneth Cobonpue, Happy Garaje, and other great designers of Cebu were also exhibiting their works.

So THANK YOU to the team behind the Cebu Design Week.

But most of all, THANK YOU to all the friends who made our little 2x2m corner, Hinimo Cebu, of the Cebu Design Week venue possible.

To our supportive friends in Cebu Crochet Group and other Cebu crafters, we feel the love! We the beast! =)

@wistehuffmarmie, @tejedora_y_gancillo

To the friends and families who dropped by, big hugs!

our litow sipatcute =)
@bbfleah @keihlasmom

Also to all the people who buy our creations, we’re so kilig!

Other photos from the Cebu Design Week.

Hablon sa Argao
DTI Region 8
DTI REgion 8, Bobbin Lace Making

Again, thank you to our friends in Cebu Crochet Group. It’s wonderful to be in a very supportive bunch. Cry big tears of joy!

By the way, hinimocebu.com online store is up. It’s a bit wonky, kindly bear with us! =)


I’d been really curious of joining bazaars. I’d been invited to a few bazaars by other crocheters before, which I was very excited to say yes to but then back out later on because. I always told myself that this coming month, I would really join a bazaar but then always balk out when the event’s nearing.

It’s not that I’m afraid. It’s that I realised that coming up with collection / inventory to sell really needs a total dedication and time. Also, I did not know what to sell; I lack a lot in the creativity department.

Anyhow, 2 Saturdays ago, the PTA announced about the booths for rent in the upcoming Family Day. I was like, “THIS IS IT!” @.@

I had one week to make the items for the bazaar. I thought of coming up with even just 10 items. I picked out small easy items to crochet so I could be done fast. One thing about my crochet attitude is that I really hate making small items. I mostly love very big projects that it feels like there’s no end to it (I’m probably a masochist.); so I guess this is the other reason why I always balk out doing bazaars.

So I’m posting here photos for keepsake of my very first bazaar.

#OOTD was the name I registered for the booth. It was just the first thing that came into my mind, and I did not really have the luxury of time to think of any better names. I asked the daughter to make the signage for me. @.@

The eldest (not in photo) and the youngest were with me to man the booth.

There was a long line… to the food stalls near us. @.@

The youngest kept saying, “Ma, I think we’re not making any progress here,” since we’re not making any sell. @.@ It was like funny and reality bites. Manning up a store was not something new to me because I grew up helping my Lolo man his sari-sari store, billiaran, computer-an but this bazaar is a different kind of beast. Honestly, I was so bored af. @.@

But still I’m so thankful. It was not bad. We sold 4 items. And, what I really wanted to achieve was for the kids to experience selling or something related to that. I think I learn a lot dealing with people when I had to look after my Lolo’s smelly billiaran and computer-an; it’s when I got to be around the not-usual people, like kids who cut classes or who were told to not be there, when I was in grade school. I kind of feel sad that my kids could not have that kind of experience / adventure.