I’m not crafty. I’m not Nanay.

But my mother was. The “craftynanay” was the name I used to make the social media accounts for my late mother who was into crochet. Before she moved on to heaven, she left an unfinished crocheted blanket as her gift for her grandson. I promised her that I would finish crocheting the blanket.

I kept my promise. After many months of working on and off on it, I completed the gift: a blanket for my son and the love of crochet for myself. Thank you to my crafty nanay. =)


Crochet was not a love at first sight for me. I’m not an arts and crafts person. Learning to crochet for me was like a student attending his most hated subject. But then just like falling in love, it just happens without knowing why. =)


I decided to keep the craftynanay social media accounts, and put this website up because it’s just one of my natural instincts. =)

Rose Buenconsejo

My 1st biggest crochet project, ugly but I’m so happy — and, I wanted to keep crochet that way for me.