My 1st Pair of Knitting Needles

My first pair of knitting needle is one part metal/aluminum, and another part bamboo/wooden. I got them in 2016, so this is 6-year old now.

On how I got them, has a brief “About me” description; and my story was nicely edited so I’m reposting it here.

that shawl is by @sugbo.sinulid

So why it became a mix of bamboo and aluminum? I first bought the aluminum / metal pair, an Aero brand. As a very first timer, I had a very hard time controlling the yarn and needles so the yarn would always slip off from the needles because metals are “slippier.” So an “auntie” advised me to get a bamboo/wooden pair, which did help with “slipping yarn” issue. So I got another pair, a bamboo knitting needle by Clover.

A friend / cousin-in-law, who was also a newbie, joined me later on of the day. So I mixed and matched the needles so that each of us would have not to suffer much with the “slippery” issue.

So for very first timer to learn knitting, get the wooden ones until your better at controlling. Then, later on, you might want to use the metal ones because you can go faster with it as you can just easily slide the yarns from one needle to the other. For the wooden ones, try to double check that it’s “finishing” is smooth enough — like no rough parts where yarn will get tangled to.