Does Art Need to be Offensive?

(I wrote this draft of blogpost before Odette, and I never got to finish it. So I thought of just keeping it in the “draft” box forever, but then who cares, I’m just going to publish this.)

“The art displays were really on another level.. There were art pieces that are amazing like how did the artists achieve it… but still they lack that extra oommpphh, depthness. I did not get offended.” A gist of Mark’s comment about the art displays on Cebu Design Week as we drove home.

I was like, “does art really need to be offensive?”

Mark and I are not really that deep into art but between the 2 of us, Mark tends to have the eye for it than me. I honestly do not get art; Like how would one tell that this is great, and that is trash? From time to time, there are art works that would get to me but mostly they are so pop, like threadless tshirt kind of popness.

I was really not expecting to see a lot of visual art displays this Cebu Design Week 2021 because the first CDW was more like of a furniture show. So it was pretty exciting and new to me to see that many display of art pieces that I could not help but talked about it on our way home thus we got into arguing about “art needs to be offensive.”

So any way, I had a very quick go thru the art displays during the Day 2 of Cebu Design Week. I only had less than hour to view the displays as I need to be at the Crochet Workshop our group was hosting. And with the amount of art displays , half-day would probably not be enough.

So here are few photos I was able to take. I guess based on these photos, it kind of reflects my taste in art.

Sio Montera. I went straight to Sio’s display. His’ is probably the very first art that really makes me want to own one. The first time I encounter Sio’s art was in Aboitiz building. They have this huge Sio painting on their lobby, which got me paralyzed for a few minutes. I was like, I got to have that art; of course, it’s not happening because I cannot afford. So I just keep an eye if he has displays.

Art pieces from other artists.

This is so I!

Which are you in the below 2 art pieces?

I so want this one below. I told you; my taste is so threadless shirt designs.

This art piece confirms that I’m a piece of art.

With the living art piece, Larry Ypil. It’s rare opportunity to meet a Palanca awardee so I got to document it. And, thus the reason why I’m writing a blog post again. Bekenemen? =)

So does art need to be offensive?

DIY My Clothes for 2022?

At least my tops…

After finishing my knitted top (see previous post), I’m like, “what if I just handmade, by knitting / crocheting, my tops for this year 2022?” It’s pretty doable because I do not really need loads of dresses. No, I’m not advocating minimalism or slow fashion or whatever fancy term we call it; I’m just plain lazy to dress up. Plus there’s pandemic; who gives a sh*t what we wear these days unless you’re Heart Evangelista.

Anyway, the point of this blogpost is I just want to flex my photos of this top I made last year or was it back in 2020. This top is modified from Dotty Top pattern by Lena Fedotova, IG: ravliki.