Crochet Wedding Accessories: Of Sarah & Mateo, and Crash Landing on You

Finally, I’m done crocheting the wedding accessories for my friend: the ring bearer’s pillow, the arras or coin bearer accessory, and the Bible cover (though my friend said that Bible bearer is no longer required in Roman Catholic weddings.). I got them done in time when the news of Sarah Geronimo and Matteo Guidicilli wedding drama, and the end of Crash Landing on You.

Wedding ring bearer pillow
Wedding “arras” / arrhae container
Wedding “arras” / arrhae container
Crochet Bible cover

As always, I get always a bit lost when a “huge” project is done. The wedding accessories are just actually tiny pieces but it took the whole of me to get them done. I was so conscious; I overthink on them. With the “hugeness” of the wedding, I know these accessories are so trivial but I still cannot help but get anxious over it. So since January, my mind is mostly focused on this tiny part of my friend’s wedding.

And now that it’s over, I suddenly have nothing to fuss over. I’m not yet in the mood to get to another crochet project or whatever project, and so I make fuss on other people’s lives like Sarah and Mateo.

I read whatever related nonsense articles from her Rayver love story, to her mother’s rags-to-riches story. And, it’s like Sarah has a huge feeling of being indebted to her parents for what she is now. And, now it looks like her freedom is anchored on Mateo. And, I don’t want her to feel she owed Mateo her freedom. Anyhow, I look forward as to how she will metamorphosis-ed now she is free, with Mateo. On the other hand, it can be a great pressure to Mateo to prove that Sarah is really way better off with him. On the other hand, I wonder what Sarah would be when she was able to get that “freedom” on her own.

On Crash Landing on You, I hated it that I did not start crocheting the wedding accessories right after when my friend asked me last July. I could have done it before the CLOY started. I started watching CLOY around the time I started crocheting the wedding accessories. But CLOY had to be given up because I need to concentrate on my crochet. I was doing a lot of “R&D” thus I was winging mostly the crochet pattern, and so I could not read subtitles while crocheting. So if I had crocheted them last year, I could have watched CLOY without any distractions, get done with it, and I won’t feel left behind.

But for a moment, I’m proud that I know my priorities. =)

Anyhow, it took me awhile for the tiny pieces to get done because I kind of divert from the bride’s suggested designs. She’s such a classic soul, while I’m unidentified soul. She wanted this, and I wanted that. I made what I liked first, and so I always ended up starting from scratch again to do the original suggestion of the bride.

I was like, “OMG, this bride, thankfully, I’m not marrying her.” And, I felt like I was in a marriage while doing the wedding accessories like I cannot always have it my way. But at the end of the day, the other person’s happiness is your happiness, and that we just have to move forward.

But despite of, I kept on whispering to please bless the marriage while crocheting the pieces.

Owkei, I ran out of marriage wisdoms to write.