Social Impact or Self-Indulgence?!?

Crochet is like sex to me.

I really have a problem when it comes to selling crochet items. On a few times that other friends / people would ask me why am I not selling crochet items, I always have a hard time explaining to them why. I would go around making excuses.

On our way to the last day of crochet workshop in Sevilla, Bohol, this topic was discussed again. This time, I confessed that it’s really hard when it comes to making money from crochet because it’s like sex to me. If I accept money from crochet, it feels like I’m prostituting myself. Though, there’s nothing really wrong with prostitution as long as you’re for it. But you get what I mean… I/we just cannot have sex with any one.

Now on to helping facilitate a crochet workshop for a women community, I always say that I hope crochet can unlock more than learning how to crochet in them (My previous post, Crochet WOKEshop >>).” I hope crochet can spark whatever undiscovered “madness” / passion inside her that would give them immense self-pleasure that they would do any thing just to achieve it.

But thing is, for most community workshops, the main goal is mostly about uplifting financial status, social impact, and whatever to-help-others tag line. Any thing NOT about contributing to the greater good of the community / financial impact does not deserve to be spent money on, be given budget by the government or any organization (Even I would probably question it.). Why is “giving ones’ self pleasure” not actually a worthy cause?

And, don’t get me started with “Who am I / we to have the say that they need uplifting or they need some social impact form of activity?” I mean they’ve been doing “social impact” their whole life probably.

So it makes me so happy when I’d hear from the participants that crochet can make them forget house chores, their husband… I’d like to believe that for once, these hardworking women — who spend most of their waking hours thinking and serving others — just forget about the world and immerse their selves in doing something selfish, on something which might only be beneficial and pleasurable to her alone.

I can probably easily talk about self-pleasure as we might not have the same reality. But who does not want pleasure for the sake of pleasure? I guess we all deserve it, wherever we are in the spectrum of “all walks of life” (Anyhow, screw the spectrum!).

If ever you get to the end of this post, if you receive a crochet item from me, please do not think dirty of it. I actually think of any one having this great passion on something as “sex.” Like you can be obsessed with baking, and I would see your baking as your kind of sex.

So there! =) Let me go back to #bloggerpose.

Photo by Hija Mangapis

Status: In a RelaSHAWLship

Crochet Shawl Pattern: Heart Shawl by
Links to Pattern: Ravelry, Mijo Crochet Website
Yarn: Ashley’s Crochet “Fox Glove” / 246 grams
Hook: 3mm
Finished Dimension: approx 74 inches width, 43.5 inches length

I started this in February 14, 2019, the VALENTINES DAY because cliche! 🙂 Then I finally reached the end of the yarn this March 10, 2019. This took me almost a month. It feels forever. There’s really forever! 🙂

Making this is probably like in a romantic relationship. It was exciting in the beginning.

Picking the right crochet hook at the start is one of the most exciting things for me.

Then, it got boring, dragging in between. But then you can always find ways to make it exciting.

We travel together.

We coffee-date… a lot?!

I think we’re a great tandem. We made a total of 120 HEARTS, and infinite #bloggerpose! =)

Hopefully, this will warm the heart of the person who is going to receive it! =)

Upcoming Cebu Crochet Group event:

Happy 1st Birthday, Cebu Crochet Group!

First of all, we would like to thank friends who shared crochet-related stuff to us, which made the party more funner: Grace of Your Handmade Happiness, Knitwerks and Crafts, Pretty Crafts, Yarnia, Hirayah Crafts, Tomato Fire Crochets, and many more from individuals (yes, we brought prizes for ourselves because we’re self-sufficient like that! sorry, i did not take notes of the names.)

Thank you @5chubbyfingers for this yummy #yarncake! Every yarn addict’s dream cake! 😂

Now to the photos:

We games like queens!

The hooks and yarns are part of games, and life!

…and food!Special thanks to Shakey’s Robinson’s Cybergate for accommodating us! 🙂

And #WIPS, and finished crochet items!…and we live by the saying, “just 1 more row…”

To 1 more ROW-RRRR, Cebu Crochet Group!

S/O to Sarah @tomatofire_crochets & Berns @5cbubbyfingers for putting this up!!! 😘😘😘

Photos: Sarah Palmares, Bernadette Dy, Sharol Valdez