TESDA DRESSMAKING: Fashion Institute of Cebu

EXPECTATION: Fashion Institute, making bff with Dominic Cojuangco.

REALITY: TESDA Cebu Dressmaking Training Center, proving not a criminal.

(This is just for fun. I’m not underestimating TESDA or any thing negative like that. I’m so proud of it because see story below.)

I’m having a hard time when it comes to sizing of wearables in crochet so I thought of learning more about pattern making. The closest I could get to is Dressmaking in TESDA. I know there are online course for that, but watching videos is really a torture for me; I crave human connection (Chos!). =)

For those interested, the dressmaking class in TESDA Cebu (the one near IT Park) will start on March 13, 2017, and it’s still open. The next batch will be in June (Please see schedule at the bottom.) And, it’s FREE as long as you can prove that you are not a criminal. (Well, it’s not really totally free because there a few requirements that need to be submitted which have costs.)

It’s very easy to apply / enrol for the dressmaking class (or for any course in TESDA like welding, housekeeping, plumbing, culinary, and others). Following are the steps I went through:

1. Go to the TESDA Center. This step does NOT require any fee or documents (Of course, an ID will always be handy.).
a. Register your self, which simply means filling out a form.
b. Take an assessment test, which they call “POWER TEST.” It was 3 sets of tests: Math, Comprehension, and yet another comprehension test but more of technical side like “which tool will you use for nails.”

You will right away get the results with the list of requirements. I don’t think any one failed that test. The exams were mostly “common sense” questions.

2. TESDA list of requirements for enrolment. This is where the cost can be tricky. =)

a. Police Clearance. Before you can get a police clearance, you need to have the following documents:
* CEDULA – Being an unemployed, I paid P35.
* Barangay Clearance – P35. Please note that it’s best you go to the barangay where you are registered to vote or else they might require you to go the COMELECT and have yourself registered.
* Police Clearance Fee – PP115 + P100 = P215.
So Police Clearance was P285 in all.
b. Drug Test Result. It was P350 in LH Prime. It was a quick process, and I was able to get the results right away. Protip: Drink lots of water before going to the laboratory clinic. =)
c. High School Report Card / TOR / Diploma. I think I paid P100 for my True Copy of Grades. It was not really a TOR I submitted because it entails clearance signing in my University. Anyhow, the TESDA registrar accepted it.
d. Pictures. It’s P65 in our neighborhood printing shop.
e. Birth Certificate. I have an old copy with me.
f. Residence’s sketch.
g. 1 Long Folder Green. Across TESDA, along IT Park road, there’s an internet / xerox shop that sells green folder in case you forgot to bring one with you.

Once you gathered all of these requirements, you submit it to the TESDA registrar (no fee). There are some forms you need to fill out. Then, you will be given an admission slip. =)

This hardworking staff of TESDA Cebu handles exams and registrations / applications
The dressmaking class is the least option for TESDA applicants so it does not get filled out fast compared to other courses. There are 2 classes: morning and night schedule. So you can take time submitting your requirements.

PROTIP: You might be able to save much time if you bring with you the requirements already on the day you will take the assessment test. In that way, you can submit it after you receive your test results.

Yesterday, I was able to submit all the requirements for the Dressmaking Training Course in TESDA Cebu (Technical Education and Skills Development Authority. So I’m officially a fashion student.

Amazingly, it was a an easy breezy process in a government office. Kudos! Seriously, there’s just no excuse of not learning, or being unskilled citizen of this country.

Here are the training / courses schedules in TESDA Cebu for 2017.