Differences Between 5-ply & #8 Monaco Mercerized Cotton Thread Yarn

I got excited when Monaco Thread announced about their new 5-ply mercerized cotton thread. I love their #8 mercerized thread, which I think is equivalent to 3-ply. But sometimes, it’s nice to have a thicker yarn option so when I saw some craft stores selling the 5-ply, and also in shopee, I checkout right away. (You can find the unboxing video here >>.)

Once I received them, I tried using it the soonest. So here’s a video of my reaction and impressions of the new 5-ply Monaco Mercerized cotton thread.

Here’s a quick summary of the main differences basing on my first use of it:

  1. The very obvious difference is its thickness.
  2. The yardage or length of the 5-ply Monaco mercerized thread is only 105 meters, while the #8 is 175meters but I guess that they have the same weight in grams. Depending on your project, you might use less or more balls compared to what you are used to the #8.
  3. The recommended hook sizes. Based on my own preference, the smallest hook size I will use for the 5-ply is 3mm. With my current doily project, I’m using the 3.25mm hook size. I think I can go up to 4.5mm with the 5-ply Monaco Mercerized cotton thread depending on how loose I want a project to be.
  4. The 5-ply is softer than the #8 Monaco mercerized cotton thread, which can be a plus or not. It’s good because it can be more suitable for wearables especially for babies. But if you wanted it to use for doilies or other accessories which require a stiffer yarn to enhance its form, the 5-ply may be too soft for it but there’s always stiffener products.

In conclusion, I love that Monaco releases a new yarn product line. I hope they will add more though I’ll be fine without new yarn products because savings. =) I hope they put out a bigger ball of it because


Related story: Crochet Wedding Accessories: Of Sarah & Mateo, and Crash Landing on You

I have this Tulip Sucre Bead Crochet Hook set for awhile. I bought it when I had the “lace crochet” phase, when I wanted to crochet using threads. But it’s really meant for crochet pieces that have bead works.

Photo from www.tulipneedles.co.uk

So finally, I had the chance to use this when I was making the wedding accessories for a friend (You can read about it here, “Crochet Wedding Accessories: Of Sarah & Mateo, and Crash Landing on You” .).

I decided to video my self while using it because why not. =) Please watch the video above, or through this link here: https://youtu.be/K1x042awfW4 .

Crochet Wedding Accessories: Of Sarah & Mateo, and Crash Landing on You

Finally, I’m done crocheting the wedding accessories for my friend: the ring bearer’s pillow, the arras or coin bearer accessory, and the Bible cover (though my friend said that Bible bearer is no longer required in Roman Catholic weddings.). I got them done in time when the news of Sarah Geronimo and Matteo Guidicilli wedding drama, and the end of Crash Landing on You.

Wedding ring bearer pillow
Wedding “arras” / arrhae container
Wedding “arras” / arrhae container
Crochet Bible cover

As always, I get always a bit lost when a “huge” project is done. The wedding accessories are just actually tiny pieces but it took the whole of me to get them done. I was so conscious; I overthink on them. With the “hugeness” of the wedding, I know these accessories are so trivial but I still cannot help but get anxious over it. So since January, my mind is mostly focused on this tiny part of my friend’s wedding.

And now that it’s over, I suddenly have nothing to fuss over. I’m not yet in the mood to get to another crochet project or whatever project, and so I make fuss on other people’s lives like Sarah and Mateo.

I read whatever related nonsense articles from her Rayver love story, to her mother’s rags-to-riches story. And, it’s like Sarah has a huge feeling of being indebted to her parents for what she is now. And, now it looks like her freedom is anchored on Mateo. And, I don’t want her to feel she owed Mateo her freedom. Anyhow, I look forward as to how she will metamorphosis-ed now she is free, with Mateo. On the other hand, it can be a great pressure to Mateo to prove that Sarah is really way better off with him. On the other hand, I wonder what Sarah would be when she was able to get that “freedom” on her own.

On Crash Landing on You, I hated it that I did not start crocheting the wedding accessories right after when my friend asked me last July. I could have done it before the CLOY started. I started watching CLOY around the time I started crocheting the wedding accessories. But CLOY had to be given up because I need to concentrate on my crochet. I was doing a lot of “R&D” thus I was winging mostly the crochet pattern, and so I could not read subtitles while crocheting. So if I had crocheted them last year, I could have watched CLOY without any distractions, get done with it, and I won’t feel left behind.

But for a moment, I’m proud that I know my priorities. =)

Anyhow, it took me awhile for the tiny pieces to get done because I kind of divert from the bride’s suggested designs. She’s such a classic soul, while I’m unidentified soul. She wanted this, and I wanted that. I made what I liked first, and so I always ended up starting from scratch again to do the original suggestion of the bride.

I was like, “OMG, this bride, thankfully, I’m not marrying her.” And, I felt like I was in a marriage while doing the wedding accessories like I cannot always have it my way. But at the end of the day, the other person’s happiness is your happiness, and that we just have to move forward.

But despite of, I kept on whispering to please bless the marriage while crocheting the pieces.

Owkei, I ran out of marriage wisdoms to write.

My 1st Cebu Crochet Group Winter Wonderland Christmas Party in Summary

There’s so much to say but in summary: that big smile on my face! =)


To the people who shared items for prizes… =) I just won’t mention you, guys, because I might miss some names.

I just wanna special mention the HOT HOST, Sharol. If you need an emcee / host from Cebu, highly recommended!

Sharol, Fresa, Eda

to the lechon of Mayor Junnie Martinex c/o Sui Lucero.

… Fresa’s empanada =)

And, most of all to everyone who joined in the party! For those who were not able to make it, there are more to come.)

Thank you to 10 Dove St. staff for the assistance.

To the mayora for overall watching… =) Makibaka!

Also, our very first Miss CCG Winter Wonderland edition, Kit Enriquez!

Photo credits: Sarah Palmares, Hija Mangapis

Handmade Knockers Cebu: One WIP Wednesday

If you’re looking for knockers (prosthetic breasts), or you want to contribute making knockers, feel free to message Handmade Knockers – Cebu facebook page, or email cebucrochetgroup@gmail.com.

The Pink October is over, but I just want to post some photos during the knockers session in the previous months. Also, the handmade knockers is an ongoing project. You can ask for yarns from Handmade Knockers – Cebu page if you want to make knockers, or if you finished knockers to donate.

But first let me repost Yasmin Jumao-as​’s invitation last year to give you a history of how Cebu Crochet Group started contributing handmade knockers.

“This will probably be my longest post in our group. Not solely crochet, but still fiber art-related.

Seven years ago, my mother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. She had a number of procedures before she finally had a total mastectomy. She still has annual check-ups – thank God she is cancer-free. For a number years after her surgery, she used a silicone prosthesis, as she opted not to undergo breast reconstruction. This was uncomfortable for her as the prosthesis was heavy, would abrade her scar and was very warm to the skin.

Early last year, I learned about the knitted knockers movement in the US. I downloaded both the knit and crochet patterns for the knockers and was able to make a few for my Mum and very good highschool friend who was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a mastectomy last year. They say the handmade knockers are definitely more comfortable than the silicone prosthesis.

Last October, I made a few knockers and donated them to the ICanserve foundation. This year, I hope to make more so that somehow, in my own little way, I am able to help these courageous women and let them know that they are not alone in their fight against breast cancer.

Please let me know if you are interested in making and donating knockers, too. I’ll be sharing the crochet and knit patterns for the knockers in the comments below.”

Yasmin Jumao-as

This year, we received an overwhelming support from the crocheters / knitters, and also support from outside the crochet group.

Special thanks to sponsors of knockers through Judith Saturos. Proceeds will go to purchasing knocker materials so more yarns, more happy crafting time, and more knockers for our survivor friends. So thank you again to the kind sponsors.

Big thanks also to those who donated yarns and fiberfill. Wishing you more blessings and good health! =) You know who you are. =)

Thank you also to the iCanServe, survivors, clinics, and recipients of the knockers. Thanks for the happiness we got from making these knockers for you.

Group photo =)

Big shoutout to all the friends who shared their time and skills to make the knockers! You made it all more fun!

[VLOG] CROCHET CRAFTER SHOPPING GUIDE in Cebu: Trapo, Ibon, to Fiberfill, and All of the Above

It was a random meetup with the hooker friends, and when crocheters are together, alams na where they would most likely end up.

So @sugbo_sinulid wanted to have refill of fiberfill for the knockers, and supplies for birthday giveaways, while @tomatofire_crochets wanted to buy supplies for her parent’s wedding anniversary’s giveaways. It’s giveaway season! =) And, I, am just happy to tag along.

Here’s a video compilation of snapshots of the places we went to in the downtown area of Cebu to get crochet and other related crafting supplies.

For reference, we went to:

Cebu Progress for fiberfill and bag clasps

Prime Basics for charms, key rings, tassel accessories

Modern Best Modiste for yarns

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Retail Therapy of a Budget Heart-Evangelista: Freedom Park, Carbon, Cebu

I don’t know how to describe Freedom Park, Carbon. It’s part of being a Cebuana; you don’t frequent going there but you know that if all things fail, there is Carbon. (Freedom Park is a section of Carbon. And, I don’t know how exactly huge is Carbon.)

Cebu has no fancy huge crafting supply store but we have Freedom Park, Carbon. So if you’re into crafting or making, it’s on top of your vocabulary.

Every time I would be looking for a material so hard to find, chances are friends would tell you to go to Freedom Park or Carbon. Or, if you show something you think you got for a low price, chances are friends would tell you that you can get it at much lower price at Carbon. Chances are I would also give you the same reply on where to find stuff in Cebu.

So here’s a day of I and @yourfavoritethingsbyhija looking for something rare and low because we’re budget Heart Evangelista.

Handmade Knockers Cebu: Makers Session & Crochet Patterns

Upcoming Knockers Makers Session: 2nd Makers’ Session For 2019, Oct. 5, 2019, more details >>

I never heard about handmade knitted or crocheted breast prosthetics, or called as knockers, until Yasmin / @sugbo_sinulid shared to us her annual tradition of creating them. She would then gave the prosthetics to the survivors. Some members of Cebu Crochet Group joined in her tradition last year, and I guess we are now making it our own annual tradition.

To know more about the history of handmade knockers, you can read up about it at www.knittedknockers.org.

If you feel like trying to make knockers, here are some references.

KNOCKERS PATTERN: https://www.knittedknockers.org/downloads/
Videos: https://www.knittedknockers.org/videos/
The materials we have used:
6ply Undyed Monaco
6ply Handdyed yarns
Milk Cotton
4mm Knitting Needles / 4mm Crochet or depending on your tension
If you do not have problem in adjusting gauge, you can use any yarn weight.
Sizing Charts: https://www.knittedknockers.org/wp-content/uploads/dlm_uploads/2017/05/Knitted-Knockers-Sizing.pdf

Some members are making modification to the patterns from Knitted Knockers website which you might want to use instead.

Crochet Knockers (Breast Prosthetic) Pattern by Judith Entica Saturos.
PDF Download here >>

Sample crochet knocker based on Judith’s pattern by Marmie

Sarah Palmares’ Crochet Knockers Pattern:

Handmade Knockers Cebu Makers Session 1

See you this Saturday, Oct. 5, 2019, 1-5pm at The Buzz Cafe, Robinson’s Galleria. =)

*Top photo from Liza Selda

Hinimo at Cebu Design Week’s Makers Market

(hinimocebu.com online store is up. It’s wonky, please bear with us.)

The Cebu Design Week had a lot of activities, and it spanned for months (To know more about it, please head to their website, cebudesignweek.com.). But I was not able to check on the other events because I got too focused and busy with Makers Market, which was just one of the Cebu Design Week’s many events.

It was my first legit bazaar experience, because I did one at my kids’ school. It was in a way such a privilege to be in the same space where Kenneth Cobonpue, Happy Garaje, and other great designers of Cebu were also exhibiting their works.

So THANK YOU to the team behind the Cebu Design Week.

But most of all, THANK YOU to all the friends who made our little 2x2m corner, Hinimo Cebu, of the Cebu Design Week venue possible.

To our supportive friends in Cebu Crochet Group and other Cebu crafters, we feel the love! We the beast! =)

@wistehuffmarmie, @tejedora_y_gancillo

To the friends and families who dropped by, big hugs!

our litow sipatcute =)
@bbfleah @keihlasmom

Also to all the people who buy our creations, we’re so kilig!

Other photos from the Cebu Design Week.

Hablon sa Argao
DTI Region 8
DTI REgion 8, Bobbin Lace Making

Again, thank you to our friends in Cebu Crochet Group. It’s wonderful to be in a very supportive bunch. Cry big tears of joy!

By the way, hinimocebu.com online store is up. It’s a bit wonky, kindly bear with us! =)

Vlog: A Day in the Life of NOT Heart Evangelista

If you want to date a crocheter (or a crafter), find out where in Cebu you can bring her/ him in the latest vlog.

This place is a big part of my childhood. I guess all the 90s and pre-90’s generation knows this place very well. Then, new “hip” areas are sprouting in Cebu City, this area has became less and rare part of my Cebu life. Until I started crocheting, it brought me back again to this place. =)

Photo from @tomatofire_crochets